#HaskHair is Awesome

shoppingI was recently given the opportunity to review some hair care products. Honestly, before this point I had not heard of these products.  I was buying Treseme and Pantene products previously.  I would consider products I used in the past middle of the road hair care products in terms of price and quality. After using #Hask products, I am convinced that #hask are top of the line hair care products.  They are worth every penny.

My daughter is 11 years old and mixed.  She has very dry and frizzy hair. I have been searching for the perfect hair care product for her since she was about 2 years old. I used the moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and oil in her hair. It was so much easier combing through her hair after washing and treating her hair with the #Hask products!  I like that I can use the oil when her hair is wet or dry.  So if she needs a little extra oil the day after her hair is washed I can easily add it and style her hair.

All of the shampoos smell great too!  I use the shampoo and conditioner that adds volume to my hair.  It smells minty and I love it!  My scalp feels so much cleaner that it did with my old shampoo!  I also get the body that I haven’t had for so long I didn’t even know I missed it.

#Hask asked me if I could try their products and provide them with an unbiased opinion of my experience with the products.  I was happy to try them and even happier with the results.  I have found my forever shampoo and conditioner.  These are amazing!

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