SNAGERZ Bathroom Drain Hair Stopper Strainers- Bathtub and Sink Drain 2 Sizes

Featured imageWhat a great deal!  TWO Drain Hair Stoppers:   Little and Big. 🙂  And boy did I need them.  Kind of funny because I was asked to provide an honest revi ew of this product so I ordered the product and the next day my tub drain got clogged.  I got the economy size Drano and another bottle and neither one were working.  I received the strainer and couldn’t use it for a day because my drain was still clogged.  Then I was able to put a tool down the drain and it came loose.  These occurrences will be a thing of the past now that I have my Snagerz!  I have already caught a sticker that my daughter uses on her nails.  That would have collected in the drain if I didn’t have my stoppers.  I put the large one in the bathtub and the small one in the utility sink in the basement.

These are firm strainers too.  They don’t bend easily like I thought they would so I am looking forward to them lasting a long time.  I also look forward to saving on Drano now that I have these.

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