Chillin’ With My Chill Pal!

Featured imageThis may sound odd, but I can’t wait for the heat to come!  Why?  Because I know once it gets here I will be ready.

OK well this chill pal isn’t a miracle worker, but it definitely exceeds my expectations.

First, it comes in a great plastic tube that I can store the towel in. Storage is at a premium in my house so I’m glad I can easily tuck this away in a drawer until I need it.

Second, it works amazingly well!  I love using this when I work out. I dab the sweat off my face throughout the workout and once I really get over heated I put it on my neck as long as it will balance there as I work out. Then I “refresh” the towel after my workout and relax with it on my neck and face.

I may even take this to the State Fair when it comes around so I can stay cool all day when everyone else is suffering from the 90 degree heat. I would highly recommend the Chill Pal! I love it!

About MomOf2AtHome

Not working at home anymore but I love what I'm doing and I work just as hard AT HOME as I do outside of the home. :-)
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