An Awesome Addition to my Kitchen!

silicone pot holdersI was so excited to receive this set of 4 silicone pot holders today!  I have tested them and they work perfectly!  Next task… toss out all my old, stained, cloth pot holders!  I am really looking forward to using these silicone pot holders!  I love the bold colors, but besides them looking great is I will be able to easily and quickly wash them in the sink rather than throwing them in the laundry and losing track of one or two of them.  Just a quick run under the faucet with some dish detergent and these will look brand new.

I like that I can use these as a trivet too! I don’t have much counter space in the kitchen and end up putting hot pans on the tiled table.  As a result, some of the tiles are breaking and I even have a brown burn mark on one of the corners of the table. I’m so glad I won’t have to feel bad about setting a hot pot on the table anymore.

Another great thing with these silicone pot holders is the circle in the corner so I can easily hang them where I want either by a nice hook or a simple nail.  If you don’t want to hang them they easily stack very neatly and don’t take up much room in a drawer.  They would take up a quarter of the space of a cloth pot holder and those lose their shape from the laundry and don’t look very nice after a few months.  I am confident these will look nice for a long time.  And I am so looking forward to using them for a long time!!!

I would highly recommend these!  They have so many great qualities your traditional pot holders don’t have.  Great investment!!!

silicone pot holders

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