Ice Pop Molds or Snack Container with Attached Lids

Featured imageOne of my strongest memories as a child was creating Popsicles with koolaid, a cup, and pop sticks.  They tasted just as awesome as the ones from the store!  I’d also use ice cube trays.  It was pretty challenging to get the sticks to stand up with either of those methods.  I would let them freeze for a while then poke the stick through the top of the thin layer of ice that formed… if I remembered.  If not, I was chopping ice out of a cup later.

I’ve passed this tradition down to my kids, but they are about as enthusiastic as I was about creating homemade pops.  Taste good, but a little too much trouble.  I was offered these ice pop molds at a discount so I offered to try them out and provide a review.

My daughter was super excited about when the pop molds arrived.  She was ready to try them immediately!  She filled two up with yogurt and two up with juice.  The mold with juice I had her put in a tall glass in the freezer because I wasn’t sure if it would leak out the top if it was laying down in the freezer. Better safe than sorry!  These are so much easier and fun to use than a cup with pop sticks.  The frozen yogurt and juice came out very easily and tasted awesome!  We love the vibrant colors too!   We’ll try pudding next time. Yummmy!

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