Infuser Water Bottle 32 Oz By Cheff Artt

Featured imageI think this is a great infuser water bottle!  I love the large size and it is tapered at the bottom so it fits in my cup holder in the car.  I appreciate that the compartment that holds the fruit is easily removable and the bottle can be used with or without it. I also like how the top fits on.  There is a small “handle” that you can put your finger through to carry the bottle that way.  The mouth of the bottle stays covered and protected from germs when not in use.  I just push a button to open it when I’m thirsty.  The bottle is a very hard and sturdy plastic.  It will stand up to a lot of abuse, it appears.  The grip on the side is also nice.  Just squishy enough to be comfortable.  I also like that the bottle is clear so you can see if the bottle needs a wash or just to keep an eye on the fruit.  I tried strawberries and mango the first time.  I think I’ll try some citrus next time.  All around, this is a great bottle!!!

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