Ice Ball Maker by Loockie -Best Ice Sphere Tray

Featured imageWhat a cool tool to make ice cubes… or should I say ice balls?  I’ll have to get a few more molds so I can easily make them for parties.  As with most items I receive from Amazon,  my kids were anxious to try this out.  It was very easy to make them and remove the balls from the mold.  My 11 year old daughter was able to remove them from the mold herself.  She just got the outside warm with some hot water and they popped out easily.

Another great use for the ice ball maker is jello balls (for kids or grown-ups).  It would also be easy to make popsicles with them.  You’ll have to find a stick like a lolly pop stick that will fit in the air hole in the top but once you have one, once you have one, it would easily stand up while the ice is freezing.  You could also use them for actual lolly pops.  Just find the recipe, buy ingredients, and some lolly pop sticks from the craft store and you are all set!  You could really be so creative with these!  I bet some crafty, imaginative folks could come up with some great alternative uses for these molds.  Lots of fun!

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