4 Resistance Loop Bands

Featured imageDo you work out?  Love it? Hate it?  Well, I am one of those folks that really doesn’t like to work out.  I’m more of a couch potato.  I wish I wanted to work out, but find it hard to motivate myself.  I was glad when I was given the opportunity to review these resistance bands because many of the exercises I can do laying down or sitting.  Wow! That makes me sound so lazy! You can also use them in an aerobic fashion if you wish.  Maybe I can work my way up to that!  I’ve been using the bands at work while I am sitting at my desk.  I’ve been working my thigh muscles with the x-heavy band while I sit there typing or reading.  Then when I’m at home I work on my glutes while I watch tv.  The bands are all very sturdy and well made. I like that it includes an exercise guide.  It gave me some good ideas for exercises to try in the future.  Weather you are an exercising champ or an exercising chump you will love these resistance bands!

About MomOf2AtHome

Not working at home anymore but I love what I'm doing and I work just as hard AT HOME as I do outside of the home. :-)
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