Check out Godaddy for your next domain or hosting needs

GoDaddy provides so many services that I couldn’t possibly explain them all here. But one quality that is important to me for a business I give my money to is how well they treat their customers.  Every time I call GoDaddy because I’m confused about setting something up, I am greeted with a kind representative that is happy to help.  Each time I meet a very knowledgeable representative that is confident about what they are doing. When I called today the gentleman felt like I was in a rush and stressed that I was taking up his time, and he told me to take my time. I really appreciated that considering the representatives from other companies that can sound like you are interrupting their day or like they have so many other calls to answer. GoDaddy representatives walk you through each step of the process if you need something fixed.  That means a lot to me as well because some of the tasks could include several steps.

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Not working at home anymore but I love what I'm doing and I work just as hard AT HOME as I do outside of the home. :-)
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