Premium 28 oz. BPA-Free Leak-Proof Tritan Fruit/Vegetable Infuser Water Bottle

Featured imageI’ve recently decided to drop soda from my daily routine so I decided to try out this infuser bottle.  It’s working great so far!!  I love it.  Very durable and sturdy.  I’m used to metal water bottles that has the the water tasting metallic.  What a pleasant change… water that tastes like water.  The transition from soda to water has been much easier by using the infuser water bottle! One of the best parts is there is kind of a stopper to keep any fruit pieces from coming up through the mouth piece. I loved the bonus e-booklet too! Great ideas for someone new to this “health kick.”

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Not working at home anymore but I love what I'm doing and I work just as hard AT HOME as I do outside of the home. :-)
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