Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer

Featured imageThis meat thermometer works great!


  • The tip is more narrow on this thermometer which is nice because  I don’t like the large hole that is normally made by the average meat thermometer.
  • Size is great. Not too tall.
  • It’s also great that the tip is sharp.  This allows me to very easily pierce whatever meat I choose to make.
  • I love the protective cover.  My other meat thermometer needs to be washed after I use it and again before I use it again because it’s been unprotected in the drawer where dust can collect.
  • The protective cover screws on so it won’t fall off easily.
  • The thermometer is very easy to read.  I always feel like I’m giving an estimate when I’m reading the thermometers with the read line.  This is so much more simple!
  • You can also use this as a candy thermometer.


  • I really don’t have any cons.

I am very pleased with my decision to upgrade to a digital thermometer. Especially THIS digital thermometer. It’s working out great!

About MomOf2AtHome

Not working at home anymore but I love what I'm doing and I work just as hard AT HOME as I do outside of the home. :-)
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