Checkered Chef Cooling Rack – Baking Rack. Stainless Steel Oven Safe. Fits Half Sheet Cookie Pan

Checkered Chef Cooling Rack

Checkered Chef Cooling Rack

Measures 16 5/8″ by 11 1/2″

Checkered Chef Cooling Rack Fits Half Sheet Cookie Pan
is made of stainless steel. Oven and dishwasher safe!


  • Easily fits in the cabinet with my other pots and pans without being oversized and sticking out of the cabinet.
  • It easily fits a tray of cookies while not taking up too much space.
  • The cross hatching design keeps cookies from falling through like what happens with so many other cookie sheets.
  • Slick Color
  • It’s even OVEN SAFE so I’m going to try cooking a meatloaf on it. I don’t know about you but my meatloaf is always swimming in grease when it’s done. I’ll put this on top of a cookie sheet and place the meatloaf on top of the cooling/cooking rack and the loaf won’t be submerged in grease.
  • Easy to clean by hand or possibly in the dishwasher.
  • They are nice to use to put frosting on cookies or other confectioners. Excess liquid can flow through the wire rack rather than the item swimming in the liquid. This helps with presentation of your item?
  • Comes in professional packaging if you are interested in giving this as a gift.


  • If you do a lot of baking with Christmas cookies you may want to pick up a couple of these as it really only holds 1 sheet of cookies comfortably.  Maybe a sheet and a half.
  • You can’t stack the sheets on top of one another like some other cooling racks but there is a tradeoff.  If you want a rack that stacks all of those I’ve seen are rather small and do not have a cross hatch design so my cookies have fallen through those types.Overall I am very happy with this cooling rack!  I will continue to use it and will invest in a another one or two for the holidays and to bake on for increased efficiency.

Do you use a cooling rack when you’re baking?

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