Money Saving Tip For Powdered Milk

With the holidays approaching I’d like to share with you something I’ve been doing for a few years now.  When a recipe calls for milk, it’s usually quite a bit… a cup… maybe 2.  With that, our family needs to buy a gallon of milk sooner.  So rather than using 2 cups of milk in a recipe I keep powdered milk in the house.  The large box of powdered milk at the grocery store is $7-$8.  This will last a good 2-3 months.  One recipe that comes to mind that uses a lot of milk is pudding.  I also make homemade pancakes that requires milk (I’ll give you that awesome recipe in a day or two).

Another great use for the powdered milk is as a substitute for evaporated milk.  Recently I k2-_7aa83af1-0a78-441b-a63b-5112879d2f11.v4.jpg-c0f6ce1640f59db843c3e52b4c372366c6ac0ea5-optim-450x450was ready to make pumpkin pie then realized the only evaporated milk that I had in the house expired a YEAR ago.  I looked up a substitute and all I needed was 1 Cup of Dried Powdered Milk and 1 1/4 cups of water.  That will give you 12 oz of evaporated milk.  The recipe I am currently using for Pumpkin pie requires 18 oz (that’s 1 and a half cans from the store).

Do you use powdered milk in recipes? What recipes do you use it in?

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2 Responses to Money Saving Tip For Powdered Milk

  1. Spring says:

    I never knew about using it for evaporated milk. I’ll have to try that! I usually use it in mashed potatoes, potato soup, and oatmeal. I’ve also used it for pancakes. Oh, and my son’s mac and cheese. Works like a charm.

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