Zazzle Rocks!

zazzle3Would you consider yourself “creative” or “artistic?”  If you are either, you may have a future in product design.  There is an awesome site called Zazzle that makes it possible for the average person to have their own designs and creative ideas printed on many, many different products.  They have hundreds of products you can put your design on.  There’s a screen shot so you can see.  Then there are variations of shapes and sizes in each of those items.  The company started out with just t-shirts, mugs, hats… the basics that other sites carry.

The awesomeness of Zazzle:

  1. Tools to help you refine your design
  2. Ability to add text to the design
  3. Customers can customize their item using your design and you still get your full commission.
  4. Get paid for doing what you love.
  5. You can quickly have 1,000 items up for sale.
  6. No membership fees
  7. Wide variety of products and variations
  8. Easy to use website
  9. Zazzle markets your products.
  10. No investment needed!
  11. You must use work that you own the copyright on.


  1. As you create each new item it can get tedious putting in attributes, title and description if you want to quickly add products.
  2. I’d like to be able to do a bunch of products at once. For example if I have one design I’d like to add it to a pair of speakers, a mug, t-shirt, 3 ring binder, and 10 other items all at the same time rather than having to create a different title, description, category for each item. That would be a game changer if that were possible!!
  3. You must use work that you own the copyright on.

How it works is you submit your photo, do a little sizing and positioning, and your done!  After a brief wait, Zazzle will put the product up on the site!  You don’t have to do any marketing… your design will simply show up in their online catalog. You decide on the commission you want from the item and that determines the customer’s price.  The going rate seems to be that people want 20% commission.  With each increase in your commission, the price does go up for the customer.  And you can adjust that percentage with each product if you wish.  I tend to keep mine at 20% for the less expensive items (keychains, greeting cards, bumper stickers) and lower the commission for the high dollar items (sunglasses, speakers, throw blankets).

SO you might be thinking “I know nothing about computer programs and graphics but I would consider myself creative.”  You don’t have to create this awesome new design that people are falling over themselves to buy.  Create a slogan or catchy phrase (that aren’t copyrighted), change the font and maybe the background color and WALA! You created a product to sell on Zazzle.  Granted, the better your design the quicker it will sell and the more commission you can charge.  Depending on the number of designs you do and products you have for sale you could earn a living on Zazzle!  But even if you only do it very part time, there is room for everyone on Zazzle.


BONUS: you can even post your items to pinterest and instagram to market your products.

If you’ve tried Zazzle already, what do you think?  If you haven’t tried Zazzle, what are you waiting for?

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Not working at home anymore but I love what I'm doing and I work just as hard AT HOME as I do outside of the home. :-)
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