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Grill Gloves

I’m sure you’ve seen these grill gloves all over the internet by now right?  Well, me too!  I wondered how well they worked.  And then I was offered to give them a try for a discount.  I love them!!! I … Continue reading

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Pink Madison Whitening Cream Mask

I was a little skeptical of Pink Madison Whitening Cream Mask when it was first recommended to me, but since it has a money back guaranty I figured I have nothing to loose.  The first time I used this I … Continue reading

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Infuser Water Bottle 32 Oz By Cheff Artt

I think this is a great infuser water bottle!  I love the large size and it is tapered at the bottom so it fits in my cup holder in the car.  I appreciate that the compartment that holds the fruit … Continue reading

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Spiral Slicer

  Am I the only person in America that doesn’t like this product?  I must be, because I see variations of them all over Amazon and tv.  They must be successful products if so many people are selling them right?  Or … Continue reading

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Garden Hose Nozzle – Adjustable Hand Sprayer

I’ve been needing a quality garden hose nozzle for a while now.  Last year I purchased one from a local chain store and it leaked.  I lived with it, but wasn’t happy with the performance.  I am so glad I found … Continue reading

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An Awesome Addition to my Kitchen!

I was so excited to receive this set of 4 silicone pot holders today!  I have tested them and they work perfectly!  Next task… toss out all my old, stained, cloth pot holders!  I am really looking forward to using … Continue reading

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