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Manny’s Gears (TM) Premium Resistance Band

I am so glad I purchased these resistance bands!  They are very well made! I can use them to help enhance my work out.  I can already feel the difference the resistance band is making in my work out!

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Premium 28 oz. BPA-Free Leak-Proof Tritan Fruit/Vegetable Infuser Water Bottle

I’ve recently decided to drop soda from my daily routine so I decided to try out this infuser bottle.  It’s working great so far!!  I love it.  Very durable and sturdy.  I’m used to metal water bottles that has the … Continue reading

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Chillin’ With My Chill Pal!

This may sound odd, but I can’t wait for the heat to come!  Why?  Because I know once it gets here I will be ready. OK well this chill pal isn’t a miracle worker, but it definitely exceeds my expectations. … Continue reading

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